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Your Office Personality

Article for, created as a work for hire, 2011. Used by permission.

Think the stars have nothing to do with how you conduct yourself in the business sphere? Think again! Your work style, job performance, and overall success might carry anything from a faint echo to a glaring banner headline of your birth sign.


If you're an Aries, for instance, you're a leader working toward well-defined goals, and any follower is welcome -- if they do their fair share. Giving 110% might cut into your downtime, but one of these days the boss will reward you lavishly. Hey, you might even end up as the boss of your boss!


As a Taurus, you're all about budgeting and follow through -- at your own pace. So much depends on your working conditions, like the feng shui of your cube or the quality of break room snacks. You see management as a necessary evil. Management loves you. You take their money while secretly laughing. 


Geminis are quick, versatile, always selling, and the go-to for the hottest office gossip. You play devil's advocate in meetings, throwing out just enough relevant data to get everyone thinking outside the box. Let the back office staff do the development, because you're late for your 2:00. Of course there will be lunch.


Cancers know the current location of everyone in the building. You might not sign the checks, but budgeting works better when you're looped in. Everyone expects you to organize birthdays and baby showers. Forget about the CEO or supervisor -- you're the real mommy or daddy around here.


But you can't forget the CEO if you're a Leo. That's you in temperament if not title. Your job is your art, and your intuition saves the day. How often have you pulled this organization back from the brink? The big picture is your best friend, and your workplace enemies are jealous, because who could actually disagree with you?


As a Virgo, you're the resident process geek. You're an awesome manager, but ideally you work alone. It's easier to stay on task without constantly explaining the obvious. When they need to send out a consultant or tech support, you're it. And whenever there's fast food involved, you are so not interested.


Libras tend to be mediators or concierges who say the right thing and diffuse tension. You're an asset to anyone who needs to understand restraint or show humility. But since you're so eager to please, you might also be the one who gets thrown under the bus, so occasionally showing some spine is a good thing. 


Scorpions are hackers or troubleshooters who care deeply about their work. If you're an admin, you strike fear in your subordinates' hearts. Ideally, you keep yourself to yourself, but anyone you let through the firewall knows what an asset you are to the company. You either know stuff or can find it out ASAP.


If you're a Sagittarius, you're a field rep or product evangelist. You could even be the marketing genius who drives the whole thing. Everyone wants to be on your team. Maybe it's because you make the best use of your budget. Or maybe your personal charisma and company loyalty inspire everyone to work smarter.


Of course, Capricorns know who's really running the show. You optimize the system, tweak the hardware, and keep the resources flowing. With one eye on the inventory, you don't waste a thing, which might irritate your coworkers. You'd consider taking a payout in company stock options, too -- if they're actually worth anything!


An Aquarian would be at least partially responsible for this enterprise's value. You're deep into long-term strategy and revolutionary shortcuts. As an early adopter, you're always trying to talk your team into cutting edge technology. They'll find you playing with prototypes and fine-tuning demos. Well, someone has to lead the way into the future.


A Pisces might be drawn to creative development, research, or record keeping. Additionally, you're the unofficial counselor, listening to problems and making optimistic suggestions. You understand the ultimate value of things, even if the market disagrees right now. What does the market know? Um... if you're in finance, they'd better transfer you out of there!

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