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As a writer, I identify and enhance my clients' stories. As an editor, I strengthen other writers' impact, smoothing their word flow while preserving their unique voice. I've worked in the entertainment, education, marketing, and UE sectors with a toolkit that includes:


     • identifying narratives    • invention and strategy    • stylistic flexibility
     • line/content/developmental editing    • detail focus    • speed and efficiency
     • hands-on learning    • respect for deadlines    • active listening    • team spirit




2018 (current): Writer, Sinegal Estate Winery. Contributing to small winery's repositioning campaign by crafting new voice for marketing emails.


2018: Copywriter, SunSoft LLC. Wrote user guide, developed web copy, and QA'd in-app copy for My GAN App, a personal productivity tool released July 2018.


2018: Editor, Dr. David Wise. Edited articles by the director of the National Center for Pelvic Pain Research to enhance his reassuring message and health literacy focus.


2017 (current): Freelance Blog Editor, Leoni Consulting Group, Cool Cat Teacher, and private clients. Working with authors of education-themed blogs to streamline and strengthen content on tight publishing schedules.


2017 (current): Editor & Writer, private clients. Editing two books and personal website; writing web content for educational coach and online community entrepreneur; developing ideas for stealth social marketing campaign.


2017: Copywriter, Recommnded. Partnered with principal and designer in short, intensive iterative process to generate and refine web copy for HR start-up focused on video testimonials.


2017: Freelance Copyeditor, Rushcube and Brian Sztabnik.

• QA'd/gate-kept steady stream of Rushcube's marketing content from multiple writers while maintaining consistent brand voice for aerial sports and services franchises.

• Proofed and advised on Sztabnik's book The Best Lesson Series: Writing.


2014 - 2016: Editor, George Lucas Educational Foundation. Developed, edited, and produced blog and article content; fine-tuned Edutopia guest blogs by educators; shaped voice of increasingly popular Schools That Work feature; supported editorial needs across all teams. During this period, sessions grew by 48% (from 2.3 million to 3.5 million).


2011 - 2014: Editorial Consultant, George Lucas Educational Foundation. Copyedited Edutopia blogs, communicated with bloggers, became integral to editorial process and was offered full-time position.


2010 - 2011: Developmental Editor, Abe Feinberg and Val Gunn (authors).

• Consulted on, organized, and copyedited Feinberg's memoir Every Child Left Behind: Public Ignorance is the School Administration's Best Friend (Xlibris, 2011; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014).

• Initially hired to develop Gunn's back cover copy; then consulted on character development and narrative details for fantasy thriller novel In the Shadow of Swords (Independent Publishers Group, 2011).


2008 - 2011: Freelance Copyeditor, Pink Fog Studios and Resume Writer 1. 

• Edited drafts of client-facing instructional content and other collateral for photography studio.

• Line edited resumes with quick turnaround for job seekers in a wide variety of industries.


2004 - 2014: Writer,, tribalmedia, The, and High Voltage Interactive.

• Wrote weekly romantic horoscopes and amusing personality quizzes.

• Developed iPhone app content for recruiting initiative by Deloitte.

• Wrote short, long, and themed horoscopes for SMS-format subscription or public access on The's client sites.

• Wrote advertorial copy for educational market brands. Developed thought leader pieces with CEO.


2004 - 2012: Script Writer/Editor/Producer and PR Writer, On the Path Productions. Edited interview transcripts into short radio format, magazine segments, and client podcasts. Produced series of shows. Developed new health literacy content for "Life Love & Health" brand. Wrote and sent monthly newsletter and semi-monthly press releases.


2004 - 2007: Writer/Editor, Questus. Wrote and edited site copy, case studies, and direct mail. Developed thought leader pieces with staff members.


1998 - 2000: Interactive Writer, Presage Software, Phoenix Pop Productions, and CircumStance Design.

• Wrote voiceover script for The Learning Company's "Arthur's Kindergarten: Arthur's Treehouse Adventure."

• Developed and wrote award-winning "Spychaser" game for 3Com site.

• Researched and wrote voiceover script and supplementary text links for Fox Interactive's award-winning 3-disc "James Cameron's Titanic Explorer" reference title.


1997 - 2004: Horoscope Writer, Wrote a wide assortment of themed daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes, ranging from 1200 words to 84 characters.​




• BA in English Literature, UC Berkeley.



• Musician (guitarist, singer, composer, improviser).

• Writer/Editor/Publisher, Information Sickness, a print zine of modular SF/fantasy/satire, real-world editorials, and actual music reviews.







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