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Daily Horoscopes

This is a random sampling of my daily horoscopes that appeared at Although not from the same day, they all reflect the common astrological condition of the Moon in Scorpio.


You feel intense and daring, but you have no time to talk about it. There are battles to be fought in your private world. If any of them involve public life, check the legalities of your would-be heroics.



Those hungry for recognition say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Perhaps there are certain things you'd rather not have on your permanent record. Small acts might suddenly take on cinematic dimensions.



If you are uncomfortable in your own body, it may affect your level of patience with others. Something in your environment is changing too fast for you to handle. Relax through laughter and start over.



The Scorpio Moon continues to motivate you with bounce and sparkle. All you have to do is show up, and some kind of beneficial change happens. Children and animals clamor for your attention.



It's hard to trust someone who claims to be teaching you a lesson "for your own good." A self-serving individual should be exposed and asked to leave. Focus on healing divisions instead of creating more.



When you go off to another world, bring back some rocks as proof that you've been there. The opinions of others really matter today. Be sure you hear them before picking their words apart.



Invest cautiously today, if at all. Be subtle in your cultivation of business and social connections. The sexiest people are often the ones who know how to listen.



The vast energies of Pluto and Mars are softened as the Moon pays a visit to Scorpio's house. Chase out the dark things that have been lurking in corners. This is a day to be bold and bright. Make your mark upon the world.



The current and wind carry you where they will. Sometimes it can be comforting to let events sweep you along. Throw out your anchor when you've had enough. You are not helpless. You're just resting.



Your impressive inventory of facts allows you to make a significant decision. A modern architect resorts to the ancient science of geomancy. Try to act surprised if your co-workers offer to buy you lunch.



Your natural talents are being wasted in your purely professional use of them. This is a fine time to experiment in some new medium. If you can't find support from others, take the plunge and go it alone.



Spiritual epiphany garbles your words at the wrong moment. A blunder is mistaken for a stroke of genius. Your day goes much better than planned.

Themed Monthly Horoscopes

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Overview, 9/00

Pisces misses a big opportunity in early September and wonders about the road not taken. Labor Day weekend could be a pleasant distraction. By the 5th, the First Quarter Moon suggests that maybe you ducked a blow instead of missing the boat. Be ready to move on after the 7th. Take an educated approach before throwing yourself into the next phase. On the 9th you inherit the easy part of a work in progress. The waxing Moon enters your house late on the 11th and reaches Full on the 13th. As host to the Harvest Moon, Pisces can expect bounty and promise. Friends demand their share, and you’re happy to oblige. Late on the 18th, however, you wonder about your guests’ true intentions. There are secrets that you’d rather not know. Resume your pursuit of happiness, poorer but wiser, on the 21st. The people and events in which you now place your faith are worthy of your trust. Be comfortable enforcing your rules on the 25th, even if it slows things down a little. The 29th and 30th are awash with Scorpio’s watery energy. Observe a fine old tradition, or start a new one with confidence in its staying power.



Romantic, 9/00

Pisces begins September in desperate need of a social weekend. Take life as it comes on the 2nd and 3rd, rather than turning momentary fun into a false promise. You feel bad about yourself until late on the 6th, when your practical attitude catches many favorable eyes. If you want love, prove that you’re worthy of receiving it. Suppressed emotions swim freely to the surface on the 9th, unblocking your channels for a flood of happy vibrations when the Harvest Moon enters your house late on the 11th and reaches Full on the 13th. The magic of love is no cliché when it’s this present and personal. Be generous in your self-absorbed state so as not to alienate your friends. A secret engagement can be publicly announced on the 17th or 18th. Meanwhile, heartbroken outsiders must wait until the 21st before that inviting door of companionship swings wide. From the 23rd to 28th, idealistic Pisces struggles with lost innocence and trust that should be regained. Look beyond your own opinions to perceive someone else’s real intentions. Dissonance resolves in harmony by the 29th. By seeing the light in others, you open yourself to whatever they may offer.




Career, 9/00

Pisces may be doing well generally, but professional development goes nowhere for the first days of September. A helpful briefing on the 7th finally sends you on your way. It makes all the difference when the right person draws up the specs from which you’ll be working. By late on the 11th, the Moon comes to your house, waxing to a Full Harvest Moon on the 13th. Colleagues find that there’s more to you than they thought. If it’s time to move on, rewrite your resume so that it will quickly land you the job of your dreams. Investors make wise decisions after the 14th but should stop rolling over their funds by the 18th. A breach of contract on the 19th or 20th removes someone who was probably harmful to the organization. Cancer unifies your team on the 21st, but to maintain the balance it would be wise not to socialize with these people off the job. Enforcement of a long-ignored policy begins on the 25th, pushing disruptive ripples through most of your week. By the 29th you see the value in letting others do what they do best. There’s no point in tampering with a machine that’s already working so well.




Fitness, 9/00

In September, Pisces learns that practice makes perfect. Praise teammates on the 2nd and 3rd, even when you could all stand some improvement. By the 7th a trainer or video fills the gaps in your knowledge. Now comes the real work. As the Harvest Moon transits Pisces on the 12th and 13th, a universal flow eases you through favorite activities with the grace of a swimmer and the vision of a skydiver. Take notes or video footage so that you’ll at least remember this moment and hopefully recreate it. Focus shifts from feet to head by the 17th as you dive, headstand, or hang upside down. Disabled people find suitable exercise after the 19th. The 21st and 22nd are marathon days for pursuing goals with nonstop vigor. Then Autumn throws you off your rhythm for about a week. During this time, regulate your diet and your passions. You feel a familiar charge brewing after the 27th, and the fire returns to your belly by the 29th. If you’re in the mood for an extreme sport, run an extra safety check to ensure that you’ll be able to brag about your exploits later on.

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