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Want to learn who I am and what I've done? A resume or CV is designed for that concise backward glance.


For some people, this document is easy enough to construct:

• I earned my degree at this school.
• Then I worked at job A.
• After a while, I moved on to job B.
• Later, I was offered a better position at job C.
• ... and so forth.


For others, it's a bit different. We've worked on projects rather than at jobs. We've moved between different industries, used different skill sets at different times, and maintained ongoing relationships with clients who called us when they needed our help. What's the best way to illustrate this on a resume?


I offer two options here:


1) A summary resume that gives a snapshot of what I do


2) A more in-depth resume reflecting the richer, more diverse, less linear path that my career has taken


And here's a third option for those preferring a full-on narrative:


3) My bio

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