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HealthMarketingMedia: Timely Content & Creative Reporting

Newsletter written by Alan K. Lipton. © 2011 by On the Path Productions. Used by permission as portfolio material.

What is HealthMarketingMedia?

HealthMarketingMedia is the marketing alliance of On the Path Productions. Along with custom branded podcast and video programming for our clients’ websites, On the Path Productions is the creator and producer of the popular health and wellness programs, Life Love & Health and Life Love & Health: Special Edition.


Read on to learn more about why millions are hearing -- and watching -- Life Love & Health.



Listening is our business.

Life Love & Health is here to listen and share the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of passionate patients and their doctors, because we believe that others can learn from those experiences and relationships.


We're here to tell the stories of dedicated health professionals as they discuss lifesaving awareness and prevention strategies, strategies that can spare people pain and suffering that is often avoidable.


We're here to report on the ideas of analysts and policymakers seeking to influence the political and economic landscape of health and medicine in America.


That’s why millions hear, and now watch, Life Love & Health. That’s what Life Love & Health is all about.



Colorectal Cancer: Awareness + Education = A National Award

Here's one example of how our listening helped other people listen. We previously announced that "Ulcerative Colitis," Life Love & Health's 90-second show, earned On the Path Productions the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) 2010 National Media Award for best Internet presentation. And when Christopher Springmann attended the ASCRS annual meeting, he met and spoke with Dr. Deborah Nagle, a conversation that inspired their collaboration on "National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month," a 22-minute episode of Life Love & Health: Special Edition. This show was remarkable in that we had been encouraged to incorporate and embed a series of CDC colorectal cancer awareness and prevention PSAs into our programming, featuring the stirring voices of actors Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Smits and especially Terrence Howard, who led the show with a dramatic first-person story based on the death of his mother at age 56... of colorectal cancer. You can listen to this remarkable story by clicking here.


Between clear, informative comments from Dr. Nagle, Chief of Colon and Rectal Surgery at Harvard University's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and emotional testimony from some of Hollywood's more recognizable voices, we turned a timely message into a permanent year-round web resource on multiple sites including HealthMarketingMedia,, WomensRadio and 



Online Video & Broadcast Audio: The Best of Both Media Worlds for Hayes, Inc.

“Why don’t you just video your radio interviews?”


A simple, smart idea, and one we have seized upon. Why not look as well as listen? Yes, On the Path Productions has been all about radio and online broadcasting for the past ten years, but now, through HealthMarketingMedia, our new marketing alliance, we're proud to explore the convergence of other communications technologies. A prime example is our work with Hayes, Inc. Dr. Winifred Hayes, President and CEO of this health technology research and consulting company, sat down with Christopher in the public television studios of Philadelphia's WHYY to discuss her evidence-based approach to Alzheimer's research and therapy. 


We captured the interview on video as well as audio, and have presented it online with the added feature of an interactive transcript. This emerging technology, which guides listeners through a text version of what they're hearing, points the way toward enhanced sharing of information for people with disabilities, and for others seeking increased access to audio and video content.



Patient Education and Community Outreach: Scott & White Healthcare

We'd also like to honor our two-year partnership with Scott & White Healthcare, one of America's most admired healthcare systems. Based in Central Texas with a broad array of medical facilities, Scott & White is home to a variety of outstanding, fascinating and just plain nice doctors, nurses and researchers, many of whom Christopher has had the pleasure to interview. All in all, it's been quite a bit of high-quality listening! 


These conversations, covering everything from heart transplantation (by Dr. Enrique Gongora, pictured above) to innovations in orthopedic surgery to pediatric literacy programs, have been produced as Your Health Matters, a series of customized online podcasts for patient education, community outreach and marketing communications. In addition to appearing on YHM's social media page, these podcasts are a natural fit for our regular Life Love & Health: Special Edition format. In keeping with our philosophy of Zero Waste Communication, quotable moments from these interviews easily lend themselves to LLH's classic 90-second format, useful as local radio promo spots or on-hold information sources for patients waiting on the phone.




Life Love & Health: Special Edition can be heard Fridays at 2 PM Pacific at, where it is archived online. The programs are also streamed online at and aired over the American Forces Network.



About HealthMarketingMedia

HealthMarketingMedia is the marketing alliance of On The Path Productions LLC, creator of Life Love & Health. On the Path Productions LLC (OPP) was founded by radio personality and motivational speaker Christopher Springmann. OPP produces popular radio broadcasts including Life, Love & Health (America’s most listened-to daily 90-second health, prevention and wellness program) as well as custom podcasts and house-branded newsmagazines. Sponsored and underwritten by leading brands, trade associations, foundations and healthcare organizations, OPP's 1000+ radio shows have reached millions of consumers, opinion leaders, policymakers and healthcare influencers via CNN, Fox and ESPN, both satellite radio networks and multiple Public Radio affiliates; airline in-flight radio; New Media distribution including, and medical center websites; plus American Forces Network. For more information, please visit

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