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Your first question is probably, "Okay, what’s a fictioneer?" This word isn’t in common usage, but I offer it as the best descriptor for what I do as both a writer and editor.


My Mission: The Story

I see our world as a verbal matrix. Words are the primal building blocks of civilization. Language saturates our consciousness. We communicate to express ideas, feelings, and experiences. Most of us agree that the next best thing to a real experience (if not better) is a good story about what somebody else experienced or imagined. Even as radio, television, and computers have replaced the campfire, the town square, and other opportunities for quality facetime, people still want to hear those stories. The human mind craves information, education, and entertainment, but I question whether people who live in isolation and saturate themselves in electronic media are getting these things in enough variety or depth.


It's my life mission to tell stories, and my ongoing vision to tell them in new ways. That's why I call myself a fictioneer. From early childhood, I've been in love with stories -- listening to and inventing them, reading and writing them. And I know this: any good story in any genre will spark interest and engage the imagination. Since 1996, I've helped prove that guiding principle in the world of digital prose and content development.


So What Is It That I Do?

As a storyteller, I specialize in:

• Inventive plot development

• Rich characterizations

• Realistic dialogue

• Engaging narrative prose


I create or represent worlds in which:

• Fictitious history sounds real

• Actual history sounds like an exciting tale

• Present events have deeper meaning

• Future scenarios sound possible (and hopefully desirable)


Depending on what you need, I can be:

• A linear thinker

• A nonlinear brainstormer

• A stickler for consistency

• A gatekeeper for what belongs and what doesn't


With just a few words, I can:

• Capture big ideas

• Suggest context

• Expand story bites in any direction


As an editor, I'll give you:

• Competently structured, conversational sentences

• A logical flow of ideas

• Redundancy-free word or phrase use

• Reasonable use of links and SEO keywords

• Easy-to-understand lists

• Intuitive rewrites or respectful recommendations


Storytelling as Communication

While not every organization or individual has a need for fiction, anyone trying to reach an audience with words needs storytelling. I work and play well with the familiar ideas of what makes a narrative, and I can make language work for you: the best tone for the ideas you want to communicate; just the right words, and not too many of them. Indeed, economy of language has become a mainstay of my craft after five years of working primarily as an editor.


Please explore my portfolio for examples of how I can help you tell your story.

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